Brief Bio
Being in Education for almost 20 years, I have always encouraged young people to read. It wasn’t until very recently when I decided to try my hand at creative writing. With a lot of encouragement from my friends and colleagues, I got inspired to start by writing.

After completing four fan fiction books, I decided to try my hand at an original work of fiction. See The Heart is my first attempt at an action fantasy story.

Current Project
See the Heart – A Princess Wish

Finished FanFiction Projects 
– FREEZING: Accede Destiny Book 1
– FREEZING: Accede Destiny Book 2 – Birthright
– FREEZING: Accede Destiny Book 3 – Sovereign
– FREEZING: Accede Destiny Prequel – Intrepid and Fearless

Pre Production – Outline and plot planning 
– FREEZING: Accede Destiny Book 5 – Resolution and Valor
–  Tamsin Carballo
–  The Aerialist Corps
– Star Trek: Annapolis
– Bluejacket Matrons