FREEZING: Accede Destiny Book 1

It’s the year 2090. Humanity’s mortal enemy, the NOVA, have vanished. The training of Pandora has shifted to supplementing the worlds’ military forces. Enter Summer El Bridget-Aoi. Follow her journey from Basics School Training to her commencement into the Pandora program. Does she have what it takes, or will she forever live in her mother’s shadow?


The jet flew through the night for another hour before banking into a gentle dive. Over the passenger radio, Maya’s voice explained the mission parameters to Summer.

“GM870, in a few minutes, you will be inserted behind enemy lines. The goal is to penetrate their defenses and recover a special piece of technology. The four assets will provide suppression fire and support for your journey to the enemy stronghold. Your mission will be to retrieve the high-value item and return it to the rendezvous and await extraction. Details of your assignment are contained in your PAD.”

“Can you describe what the target is?” Summer inquired. Maya didn’t answer immediately - the commander was still busy continuing her confirmation of instructions over the radio while coordinating the mission parameters with the other two aircraft that were flying alongside.

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