FREEZING: Birthright – Accede Destiny Book 2

Nightfall has descended on Summer El Bridget-Aoi and her classmates at West Genetics. A new threat is emerging with the ability to destroy all Pandora. Will mankind's former enemy return from their inter-dimensional realm to capitalize on this new crisis? Has it always been Summer's birthright to lead the Pandora into battle, or is the fate of the human race already decided?


“Are the Pandora here?” Litvinchuk asked.

“Affirmative, scanners read ten signatures,” replied the lieutenant as he held a small display screen, “Five of them are heading for the main building while the other five are moving to the rear platforms. Should I have transportation standing by for your evacuation?”

“Negative, I’ve worked too hard to give up now. Kun has the equipment with him so this installation and all its personnel...unfortunately are expendable.”

“Understood doctor. Shall I activate the defenses?”

“Yes, put all stations on alert. It will take the Pandora a few minutes to break through, so get down below and activate your Mech armor. It’s the only thing that may slow them down.”

“Roger,” said the soldier as he hurried through the dark corridor.

“Oren?” Litvinchuk called, “It’s time.”

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