FREEZING: Intrepid and Fearless – An Accede Destiny short story

Before she was the "Warblade of the East," before she became a headmistress, Amy Leah Ellsworth made the choice to become a Pandora. During a time when NOVA clashes were common, follow "Amelia" through her humble beginnings to her elite Pandora status. This exciting side story answers questions and fills the gap between Accede Destiny: Book 2 Birthright and Book 3 Sovereign.


Amelia finally understood Allison’s dream. Here, amidst the massive destruction was the enemy - not just an ex-Pandora named Eva Dalca, but an unstoppable invasion force of NOVA.

“This…can’t be happening.” Amelia said as the Wraith of East Genetics came closer. She materialized Silverstarr, twirling the slender sword and aiming it at her opponent. “I will stop you.”

“Still not giving up?” In a flash of light, Balaur’s Fang appeared in Eva’s right hand. She slowly turned and twisted her body in an offensive stance. “As a fellow fighter, I respected you by not using my Volt Weapon, but it seems now you’ve become desperate!” Amelia slowly raised the sword above her head - the seriousness of her expression made Eva quite concerned. “Fine! You won’t last very long with your injuries! I was willing to spare your life if you just surrendered!”


The tired Field Major tried to focus, keeping her sword balanced as she issue her order, “Eva Dalca! You’re…under arrest for treason and…murder.”


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