FREEZING: Resolution and Valor – An Accede Destiny story

Newly appointed Lieutenant, Pina Marigold, accidentally uncovers a sinister plot that involves the human trafficking and genetic manipulation of over a hundred people. Will this disturbing discovery shake the Pandora program to its core, or is there a deeper connection to a brief but highly controversial Chevalier experiment conducted thirty years earlier?


“Volt Weapon equip,” said the Lieutenant, conjuring her Stigmata into manipulating a Kunai for each hand. Anticipating the moment to strike from the protection of the shadow, the petite Pandora waited.

“Marigold, you’re cleared to engage.”

She loosed a quick breath. “Roger, engaging.”

The proud woman stood and emerged from cover. Her navy-blue Volt Texture fluttered in the sea breeze as she effortlessly charged the inattentive sentry. With a flash of her left arm, his semi-automatic fell to pieces, while her right arm slashed across his chest, dissevering the armored vest from his shell jacket. He gasped at her inhuman abilities, and within the time it took for him to blink, the Pandora delivered a powerful backhand that knocked the man senseless.

“Target pacified.”

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