FREEZING: Sovereign – Accede Destiny Book 4

Humanity's future hangs in the balance as a new anti-NOVA global defense system comes online. Will this impressive weapon finally release Earth from the threat of impending NOVA clashes? Summer El Bridget-Aoi has returned, and more powerful than before. With her loyal teammates by her side, can the Sovereign of the West truly deliver mankind from the clutches of evil?


“Go….to…hell.” whispered Ellie, “You might as well…just kill me now.”

Summer blinked as the thought crossed her mind. It still was taking a lot of concentration to suppress the Stigmata’s natural desire for chaos and death. With the essence of Kazuha’s aid, Summer’s need for further violence was kept safely in check.

What happened next was something Summer or her platoon could never have predicted. The erupting cloud of fire robbed the Sovereign of any further justice as a cascading wave of terror flowed from the obliterated airplane hangar situated across the airfield. The dome of destruction fell within seconds, blanketing the spaceport in searing death.

Maintaining her NOVA Form, Summer held her ground as the shock wave slammed into her. When it was over, the ripples of devastation dispersed, leaving everything in ruins.

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