See the Heart – The Princess Wish

See The Heart
Part of the The Trine Prophecy series:
  • See the Heart - The Princess Wish

Lilian Springbell is a servant girl who dreams of becoming a princess. Coming into contact with a mystical artifact, she is magically transported to a foreign realm plagued by war and years of civil unrest. With no way home, can this young maiden restore unity to the land of Bruin, or fall to an ancient evil bent on destroying the unstable kingdom?


Lilian’s hands shook as she failed to steady her freshly sharpened short sword. Fighting against the frigid temperature, she shut out the thoughts of her fingers and toes turning black from the hours of exposure.

Wrapped in a cloak of fur, Hybel shouted to his shivering student. “The abilities of a swords-woman are not hindered by the weather!” He drew his weapon and removed the woolen hood. “On guard!”

Lilian blinked the snow from her eye lashes as she tried to concentrate. The thinly armored breast plate, tunic, trousers and boots were useless in this cold, and her body pulsated with pain as she trudged through the ankle-deep snow. She kept an eye on his hands as he slowly brought his weapon to bear. She huffed through her exhaustion, making clouds of white form around her mouth and face as she steadied her defensive stance.

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